Why an outrigger- boat? 

Multihulls are characterized by high speed generated by their favourable width/ weight- ratio. They can carry large sails without the need for dead ballast underneath the waterline. 

As a further advantage, an outrigger- boat offers a lift- up effect of the rig on all courses.

While never changing the position of the boat  toward the wind, the rig therefore gets tilted toward the outrigger on the weather- side.

The ensuing relocation of the centre of attack in the sail results in an important trim- measure dependent on the wind force. 

 When tacking, the bow changes into stern and vice versa. The bow never crosses the wind. 

The crew sits on the triangle- shaped trampoline.

Steering is limited to courses closer to the wind and further downwind.

This is achieved by a combined daggerboard- rudder unit. 

Turning the boat completely across the wind would be a mistake exposing the wrong side of the boat to the wind.

Due to the pressure, the rig tilts toward the outrigger, letting the wind blow over it.  A strong rubber- chord  attached to the mast- foot gets stretched  in this process, guaranteeing a slow motion. The rig turns upwards automatically when having the boat back in the correct position to the wind. The danger of damage or an uncontrollable situation is prevented. 

If capsized, the skipper uses the outrigger with its smaller hull as a counterweight against the rig in the water. Burdening the outrigger with his own weight causes an upturn of the boat. 

The rig of the Twissmate is equiped with a wishbone and a carbon- mast, resulting in low weight and easy handling.

The sheet- system consists mainly of  blocks on mast and wishbone with a complementary pulley, allowing for adjustment of the mast and the angle of the sail. 

It takes about 30 minutes to assemble or disassemble this sportboat. 

Prize awarded for design this 16 foot outrigger is located between catamaran, windsurfer and a dinghy.

With easy handling on- and offshore it is a fast sailcraft offering safety under all conditions on the water.

As a production model, the boat can be ordered in different colors for hulls and sail.

For a trial run contact the given adress.

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